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Explaining how CBD is a go to for parents.While parenting is an enormously rewarding experience, the inherent responsibilities of caregiving compounded by demands of everyday life can take its toll, both physically and mentally.

While parenting is an enormously rewarding experience, the inherent responsibilities of caregiving compounded by demands of everyday life can take its toll, both physically and mentally.

Factoring in additional challenges brought on by a global pandemic, virtual schooling, inflation and societal unrest, it’s no surprise that the burn out rate for parents in the United States is among the highest in the world.¹ Chronic stress isn’t just damaging to your entire well being either. Over time it can erode your level of patience, overall resilience, mental clarity, and your physical health.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods that can help you rest, recalibrate and improve your quality of life – and CBD is one of them.² Since its entrance to the legal market, the soothing properties of  CBD have been infused into a growing number of wellness products. In fact, a 2021 SingleCare survey revealed 64 million Americans have tried CBD in the past 2 years!³ 

Widely used by some to alleviate pain, anxiety and improve sleep quality, CBD may provide much needed relief to parents grappling with the stressors of this modern world and have a transformative effect on their ability to nurture themselves and their loved ones.


Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is considered the non-intoxicating counterpart of the hemp plant. The hemp plant has more than 100 naturally occurring chemical compounds, called cannabinoids.

CBD is the primary cannabinoid of the hemp plant. Upon consumption, these compounds interact with a complex cell-signaling system of neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is thought to maintain homeostasis and regulate vital functions such as sleep patterns, appetite, body temperature, immune response, memory and mood.

CBD is considered the more socially acceptable version of cannabis as it delivers all its beneficial effects without the euphoric inebriation brought on by other popular cannabinoids. This is a critical factor for parents who realize that relief shouldn’t come at the cost of mental clarity or sense of balance. CBD provides a natural, non-addictive substitute for that nightly glass of wine or prescription sleep pill, or pain reliever.


There’s no such thing as a magic elixir that can make you a better caregiver. With the right intention, however, cannabidiol can support optimal health which can help you be more present, patient and attentive with your kids and family. The medicinal properties of CBD can be harnessed to help you stay grounded and prevent parental burnout by:


Nothing can chip away at your ability to nurture like stress and anxiety. Not only does it carry implications for your physical health, stress can hinder the ability to connect to your loved-ones in healthy and meaningful ways.

Cannabidiol may offer an all natural way to take the edge off, allowing you to be more mindful as well as engaged. Preliminary research and consumer trends alike indicate that CBD may alleviate anxiety and ease tension.⁴⁻⁵ One survey conducted by Project CBD found that 68% of participants reported decreased feelings of nervousness after using CBD.⁶

The study also revealed that CBD consumers experienced a reduced occurrence of panic attacks, mood swings and irritability.


Achy joints and muscles can present major challenges in keeping up with energetic kids. Physical discomfort can also postpone fun family activities and prevent you from carrying out daily tasks and responsibilities. CBD’s curative properties can help by alleviating pain, inflammation and supporting full body relaxation.⁷⁻⁸

Research suggests that cannabidiol may act as an effective all-natural, non-addictive alternative to traditional pain relievers, such as muscle relaxers and NSAIDS, with minimal risk of side effects.⁹

The rejuvenative properties of CBD may even be effective in accelerating the recovery process, so you can get off the sidelines and enjoy quality time with your family.¹⁰


Officially declared a “public health epidemic,” sleep deprivation and parenthood practically go hand-in-hand; this is especially true for parents of newborns.¹¹ A recent study by Sleep Junkie found that 68% of participants received at least 7 hours per night prior to having kids, while only 10% got that many hours of sleep after becoming parents.¹²

In addition to its health risks, sleep deprivation presents a host of challenges when it comes to caregiving. Chronic exhaustion can impair judgement, memory and adversely impact mood as well as focus. Many parents use the sedative properties of CBD to support restorative sleep free from the side-effects associated with OTC and prescription sleep pills.


Brain fog is a common occurrence, particularly for parents with infants. Symptoms often include problems with memory and concentration. CBD is thought to address these factors while improving energy, focus  and overall cognition.¹³⁻¹⁴


Since cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, it’s understandable why some parents question the legality of CBD. The Farm Bill of 2018 federally legalized any cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC per dry weight, so technically, CBD derived from hemp plants is legal too. It’s important to note, however, that there are a handful of states that place certain restrictions on CBD consumption.¹⁵


In addition to its varied health benefits, the versatility of CBD extract allows for a good deal of discretion. Regardless if it’s in the form of a topical, tincture, or tasty edible, the inconspicuous nature of CBD products gives you the opportunity to get relief virtually anywhere, at any time.  


Parents and caregivers can rely on CBD without fear of becoming addicted. According to the World Health Organization, CBD does not carry that risk of dependence associated with chronic THC usage.¹⁶

If your ultimate goal is to become a more active and engaged parent, cannabidiol may be ideal for you. Its wellness benefits can help restore vitality so you can nurture yourself more effectively, and by extension, your family too.


By Lazarus Naturals


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