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Experience a natural boost of vitality with our Functional THC Gummies, including Energize, Chill, and Night Time. These gummies utilize the amazing benefits of legal THC, with powerful functional ingredients to deliver targeted effects that support energy, relaxation, and restful sleep.


Starting with our Energize THC Gummies, they are made to give a little edge and productivity to your work and need-to-do’s. Next up is our Chill gummies, best for relief and relaxation after a long day. Take with your favorite TV show or creative activities. Last is our Night Time gummies, perfect for deeper relaxation and unwinding at night.


With 10mg of small-dose Delta 9 THC per gummy, our Functional THC gummies are getting extremely popular, and for good reason. Binoid’s Functional THC gummies comes with the trust and love of all our other amazing products, while using our immense resources to source the finest functional ingredients on the planet.


These Functional THC Gummies are taking the world by storm. Get an amazing buzz and experience with these Binoid gummies. 


  • This product is psychoactive
  • 20 Pieces, 25Mg Per Piece, Total 500MG 
  • Contains a great mix of powerful cannabinoids: Hemp-derived Delta 9, Delta 8, CBN, CBC and THCV
  • This Product May Trigger A Drug Test


Energize THC Gummies: 10mg Delta 9, 5mg THCV, 10mg CBC + 25mg Caffeine, 50mg Black Pepper Extract, 2.4mcg Vitamin B12

Chill THC Gummies: 10mg Delta 9, Delta 10mg Delta 8, 5mg CBN + 5mg Magnesium, 25mg L-Theanine, 30mg Ashwagandha

Night-Time THC Gummies: 10mg Delta 9, 5mg CBD, 10mg CBN + 2mg Melatonin, 30mg Chamomile, 30mg Lavender

Functional THC Gummies

$55.95 Regular Price
$26.95Sale Price
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