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Differences Between Delta 8 Gummies And CBD Gummies

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

While CBD gummies have been around for years, building up a loyal audience, a new product is beginning to get noticed: delta-8 gummies. Let’s look at the similarities and differences.

CBD Gummies

These gummies are tried and true, but there are a few things to take into account when choosing this option. Beyond the flavor or shape you need to take the following into account as well: extract type, strength, and quality assurance.

Extraction Type

Most popular among hemp extracts available on the market today are isolate CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and full spectrum CBD. Each one promises high CBD content, but the extra ingredients included diverge. Isolate contains 100% CBD and no other active ingredients.

Full Spectrum CBD is the opposite. It is the least processed, where the whole hemp plant is essentially processed into a product. This type provides the full spectrum of the over 100 cannabinoids that exist in hemp. Finally, there is broad spectrum CBD, which is the newest product to come to market. It is also made from the whole hemp plant, but goes through a process to remove the THC from the finished product.


The benefit of CBD gummies is in their capacity to provide exact dosages in each one. Other options like CBD oil do not make dosing accurately as simple. There are many different dose choices for CBD gummies. If you consider using them, experts suggest you begin with something with a low dose, 5mg per gummy for example, and increase from there if you desire a stronger effect. Other than full spectrum CBD gummies, which include minimal amounts of THC, CBD gummies provide their benefits without getting a person high.

Quality Assurance

CBD gummies are not regulated by the FDA, which means product CBD claims may be false or misleading. It is important, as a consumer, to examine any manufacturer of CBD gummies to ensure product quality.

You want to see the gummies you purchase are both certified and tested. The best way to do this is to examine 3rd party testing, often provided on the producer’s website. These 3rd party tests are run by an outside agency that examines and verifies the content of the product in question.

In our case, that would mean finding CBD in the gummies at the listed dosage. Another option is to seek out organically grown hemp grown in the United States. For hemp grown in the United States, agricultural regulations apply.

It may not contain more than 0.3% THC, and in order to earn the “organic” label the producer must meet the criteria of the labelling body. It is also helpful to know what kinds of CBD gummies to avoid, if the only information you can find is “cannabis extract” as the ingredient, you’d best avoid this one.

Why Do People Use CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are most often used for a sense of comfort, relaxation, and calm. CBD has also been known to provide pain relief, help with inflammation, and help with healthy joint mobility.

Under examination is the ability for CBD to aid in weight loss by reducing a person’s appetite. But it’s the ability for CBD to relieve pain and inflammation is a major reason people use it, especially among professional athletes. CBD does not get the user high, like cannabis.

Delta-8, a Gummy Newcomer

Delta-8 is a relatively new product on the market. It has a similar effect to THC, but tends to provide a less potent high. For many people who find regular THC too intense, this gives delta-8 an advantage over regular cannabis products. Delta-8 is legal due to the fact it is synthesized from hemp plants.

How is Delta-8 Made?

Delta-8 exists in hemp plants, but only in minute concentrations. Because of this, it is most often synthesized from CBD. This procedure is called isomerization, a procedure that’s been in development for years. Because it is derived from hemp plants, it is a legal product that gets the user high, making it much easier to access than standard THC (delta-9).

Why Do People Use Delta-8?

Cannabis is famous for its ability to increase appetite. So too does delta-8 increase the user’s appetite. Like CBD, delta-8 appears to provide pain relief. It is also known to provide stress and anxiety relief. But unlike CBD, delta-8 allows the user to enjoy a high, providing a personal experience that has been denied by law for a long time.


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